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Auto Injury / Motor Accident Treatment

Injuries that Can Result from Motor Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of death all over the world. Serious accidents can either lead to death or cause severe injuries to the victims. If such injuries are not promptly and adequately treated, then most accident survivors end up with complex conditions that affect them for the rest of their lives. Nobody anticipates or intentionally chooses to get involved in an accident, even in cases of negligence and carelessness. At Paez Chiropractic, P.C. in Newburgh, NY, we employ our chiropractic knowledge and experience to treat musculoskeletal disorders and nervous system problems springing from both auto injuries and personal injuries.


What Is a Personal Injury?

A personal injury means an injury to any part of the body sustained in an accident. A wide range of situations can trigger these accidents, including slipping and falling, using defective products, and car accidents.

What Is a Motor Injury?

Unlike personal injuries, which can be traced to several causes mentioned in the above paragraph, a motor injury is strictly linked to a motor accident.

What Injuries Result from Motor and Personal Injuries?

At our clinic, we treat many accident cases that vary depending on what part of the body has been affected. Common injuries that are caused by both motor and personal injury include the following.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are common in accidents, especially rear end car accidents. We offer chiropractic neck adjustments by loosening the joints of the cervical vertebrae in the neck. Our chiropractor will determine the nature of a neck injury and act accordingly to bring you relief.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are common among motor and personal injury victims. In both of these cases, an unexpected impact or force is applied on the back area of your body, which pushes the nervous system's activation beyond its natural limit. We will align your spine using chiropractic adjustments and ensure that it is back in its original position.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, like strains and bruising, are common in accidents. Our chiropractor uses applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, to determine the best course of treatment for these injuries. We provide corrective exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles as they heal.

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If you have been in an accident, don’t wait to seek treatment. You may have underlying injuries, and your condition could worsen. At Paez Chiropractic, P.C. in Newburg, NY we are committed to treating your musculoskeletal disorders and advising you on the best treatment option for your injuries. Our chiropractor will give you personalized treatment for your ailment and relieve you of pain. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today.

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